Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney

When your family matters require experienced legal direction and representation, get personalized solutions that meet your needs at the Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC, in Colorado Springs, CO. Since this law firm was opened in 2008, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully resolve sensitive legal matters that affect their futures and that of their family members.

Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC

At our law firm, people are warmly welcomed and treated with the respect they deserve. Since she was first licensed to practice law, in 1984, Colorado Family Law Attorney Tammy W. Akers has worked diligently on behalf of her clients to resolve hundreds of legal issues, including family law matters. She is a tireless advocate for each client, providing effective and compassionate legal advice and representation.

Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney

People who come to the Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers for help with their family legal matters benefit from the broad experience and knowledge that our founder gained while working with other clients on all areas of concern to a family unit. A major portion of her legal work is in this area of law, and the legal matters that relate to family and partnership situations.

Tammy has handled all types of family law cases, including simple dissolutions to child abduction and return, division of marital estates, adoptions and agreement modifications. She understands the emotional toll that family disputes and relationship conflicts have on all members. She takes time to help each client set goals and work towards successful resolution of even the most complex family law issues.

Colorado Springs Family Law Legal Services

Family Law regulations affect all members of a family unit, even after they are separated or legally divorced. Whenever there are minor children involved, our approach is to ensure that those children are protected and that solutions uphold their best interest. We provide advice, consul and representation for a broad range of legal matters in this area of law practice.

  • Marriage – Pre-marital agreements, partnerships, name changes
  • Divorce/Dissolution/Separation – Legal requirements
  • Child Custody/Support – Financial agreements, physical custody
  • Visitation, Rights, Relocation – Peaceful settlements
  • Spousal Support – Fair financial agreements
  • Property Distribution – Hidden assets, investigations, high net worth estates
  • Adoption – Open, Closed, International
  • Modifications – Modifications of existing agreements, including custody modification
  • Domestic Violence/Abductions – Protection and enforcement, return of abducted children

We offer a free 30 minute consultation. To learn more about our Colorado Family Law legal services, contact the Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC, in Colorado Springs, CO. Call her now, at: 719-985-8192.