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Establishing A Civil Union In Colorado?

If you are building a life with another person, it is important to do it on your own terms. Whether you and your partner wish to form a marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union, having the legal resources to do so is an integral part of the process.

Colorado is 1 of 5 states that legally acknowledge civil unions – providing equal benefits for marriages and civil unions. Civil unions fulfill a particular need for those seeking to form one, and the more you know about them, the more you and your partner will be able to utilize their benefits.

Attorney Tammy Akers has been licensed to practice law in Colorado for more than 36 years. Throughout her career, Tammy has thoughtfully represented families from all walks of life. Drawing from her extensive experience as an accomplished family law attorney, Tammy will provide you and your partner with invaluable legal guidance as you move forward with the formation of your civil union.

Civil Unions: What Are They?

In states that legally recognize them, civil unions function similarly to marriages. The primary difference between marriage and civil unions is that the federal government does not recognize civil unions. While married spouses can utilize federal benefits such as joint tax filing, spousal social security benefits, and federal survivor benefits, civil union couples can only enjoy benefits at the state level.

Couples in a civil union can, however, enjoy benefits such as:

  • Fostering or adoption of children.
  • Family classification for all legal documents.
  • Spousal benefits from employers. This includes medical insurance benefits, unemployment benefits, protection through the family medical leave act (FMLA), and survivor benefits.
  • Conditions that neither partner will be required to testify against the other in court.
  • Adoption of their partner’s child via stepparent adoption.

Additionally, civil union partners in Colorado have the ability to marry the same partner without the dissolution of the civil union, and are required to divorce or receive a legal separation in the event that they wish to dissolve the union.

If you are thinking about a civil union, working with a skilled lawyer is highly recommended. By hiring a legal professional that is familiar with civil union law, you will be able to make informed decisions about the future of your relationship.

Can Same-Sex Couples Establish Civil Unions?

Same-sex couples can establish civil unions in Colorado. This means that individuals in a same-sex relationship can enjoy all of the benefits of a civil union, including fostering or adoption of children, employer benefits, and more.

If you and your partner are considering your options as a couple, working with an adept same-sex marriage attorney will offer you the insight you need to make long-lasting decisions about your future.

Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC: Thoughtfully Helping Families Since 2008

If you are interested in forming a civil union, the Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC is here to help. Attorney Tammy Akers is deeply committed to helping you and your partner make practical decisions about the future of your relationship. To get started with a initial consultation, please do not hesitate to call (719) 985-8192 at your convenience!

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