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Informal And Formal ProbateIf you find yourself facing the challenges of probate after the passing of a loved one or need assistance in planning your estate to ensure a smooth transfer of assets in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC. is here to guide you so you successfully achieve your goals.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and I understand that dealing with legal matters during this time can be overwhelming and distracting. Whether your case calls for a straightforward and expedited informal probate or a more intricate formal probate process, I guide you through every step of the process.

Types Of Probate

Probate is the process of transferring assets from a deceased person to the recipients they have named in their will or heirs. The three types of probate in Colorado include:

Small Estates

If the decedent’s personal property is $50,000 or less (including bank accounts and cash) and there’s no real property involved, devisees or heirs can collect the assets through an affidavit without opening a probate action. The person collecting the assets must swear they are entitled to receive them and that they will distribute them to all other entitled recipients.

Informal And Formal ProbateInformal

In this situation, also called uncontested probate, there is a valid will or clear intestacy, no anticipated contests, and a qualified personal representative is available for appointment. The court’s involvement in administering the estate is less, focusing on ensuring compliance with the will’s directions or intestacy laws and offering a platform for beneficiaries to hold the personal representative accountable.

This process is generally less complex and more streamlined, making it an ideal choice for estates with straightforward asset distributions and minimal disputes. As your informal probate attorney, I work closely with you to ensure all necessary documents are filed correctly and that the probate process is completed efficiently, allowing you to focus on coping with your loss.


Also called contested probate, this may be required if the will is contested, unclear, invalid, or significant challenges arise during administration, such as identifying heirs or property title disputes. The court has the discretion to either require personal representatives to seek approval for every transaction or grant them the authority to administer the estate without supervision.

With decades of experience as a formal probate process lawyer, I diligently represent your interests in court, helping you navigate the legal intricacies and bringing an ideal resolution.

Probate Attorney Consultation Law

I understand the importance of clear communication during difficult times. I provide you with a thorough understanding of the probate process, your rights, and your responsibilities as an executor or beneficiary. I dedicate time to listen to your concerns and address any questions you may have, all to craft a customized approach that meets your specific needs.

Probate Process Representation Law

I pride myself on providing excellent representation that eases the burden on your loved ones and ensures a seamless transfer of assets. Located in the military town of Colorado Springs, Colorado, I deeply understand the unique challenges and considerations military families face in probate matters. I am well-versed in the legal intricacies surrounding military benefits, pensions, and other assets, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.

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If you need an experienced and compassionate probate attorney in Colorado Springs, CO, contact the Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your probate or estate planning needs. Let me be your trusted legal partner during such a critical time in your life.

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